Mr. Chickee’s Funny Money by Christopher Paul Curtis

Have you ever seen a quadrillion dollar bill? It looks like any other bill except for the 15 zeros following the one and…oh yeah, there’s also a picture of James Brown on it.

In Christopher Paul Curtis’ novel, Mr. Chickee’s Funny Money, Steven’s friend, Mr. Chickee, gives him one with the words, “Remember this, it’s not what you think it is.” Now…Is it real? Is it a fake? That is Steven, Russell and the ever faithful Zoopy try to find out. And just who are they, you might ask? They are the Flint Future Detectives and solving mysteries is what they do best.

How do they solve the mystery of Mr. Chickee’s Funny Money? You’ll just have to read it to find out!

Check out Mr. Chickee’s Funny Money. Recommended for grades 3-7.