Nonfiction Alert

Here are some highly-anticipated titles coming soon!

AuthorTitlePub. DateSubject
Butler, JudithWho's Afraid of GenderMarch 2024Social Science/Gender Studies
Heilbrunn, JacobAmerica LastMarch 2024Political Science
Coldstream, CatherineCloisteredMarch 2024Religion/Memoir
Held, ShaiJudaism is About LoveMarch 2024Religion
McCammon, SarahThe ExvangelicalsMarch 2024Religion/Memoir
Moss, CandidaGod's GhostwritersMarch 2024Religion/History
Robinson, MarilynneReading GenesisMarch 2024Religion
Alford, Natasha S.American NegraMarch 2024Memoir
Lieu, SusanManicurist's DaughterMarch 2024Memoir
Hulls, TessaFeeding GhostsMarch 2024Graphic Memoir
Raboteau, EmilyLessons for SurvivalMarch 2024Memoir
Carr, CynthiaCandy DarlingMarch 2024Performing Arts/Biography
Dubus, Andre IIIGhost DogsMarch 2024Literature/Memoir
Gooch, BradRadiantMarch 2024Fine Arts/Biography
RuPaulHouse of Hidden MeaningsMarch 2024Performing Arts/Memoir
Shakespeare, NicholasIan FlemingMarch 2024Literature
Abdurraquib, HanifThere's Always This YearMarch 2024Social Science/Sports
Tesfamariam, RahielImagine FreedomMarch 2024Social Science
Lauretta, DanteThe Asteroid HunterMarch 2024Space Science
Lustgarten, AbrahamOn the MoveMarch 2024Climate Change
Rushdie, SalmanKnifeApril 2024Memoir
Tan, AmyThe Backyard Bird ChroniclesApril 2024Memoir
Dench, JudiShakespeareApril 2024Memoir
Dillon, TimDeath by BoomersApril 2024Memoir
Goodwin, Doris KearnsAn Unfinshed Love StoryApril 2024Memoir
Patterson, JamesThe Secret Lives of Librarians and BooksellersApril 2024Biography
Page, SusanThe RulebreakerApril 2024Biography
Rousey, RondaOur FightApril 2024Memoir
Trent, J. DanaBetween Two TrailersApril 2024Memoir
Valby, KarenSwans of HarlemApril 2024Biography
Wilson, RebelRebel RisingApril 2024Memoir
Garcia, AngelaThe Way that Leads the LostApril 2024Social Science
Mattioli, DanaEverything WarApril 2024Business
McMillan, TracieWhite BonusApril 2024Social Science
Sellers, BakariMy Vanishing CountryApril 2024Social Science
Clarey, ChristopherThe WarriorMay 2024Biography
Ingrassia, LawrenceA Fatal InheritanceMay 2024Biography
Ponomarenko, IllilaI Will Show You How It WasMay 2024Memoir
Selleck, TomYou Never KnowMay 2024Memoir
Velshi, AliSmall Acts of CourangeMay 2024Memoir
Wallace, CarvellAnother Word for LoveMay 2024Memoir
Miranda, Luis A.RelentlessMay 2024Biography
Alexander, CarolineSkies of ThunderMay 2024History
Clavin, TomThrone of GraceMay 2024History
Hampton, DanVanishing ActMay 2024History
Stephanopoulos, GeorgeThe Situation RoomMay 2024History
Foster, CraigAmphibious SoulMay 2024Science
Nezhukumatathil, AimeeBite By BiteMay 2024Science
Schlanger, ZoeLIght EatersMay 2024Science
Pope FrancisLife: My Story Through HistoryJune 2024Memoir
Meacham, JonThe Call to ServeJune 2024Biography
Miles, TiyaNight FlyerJune 2024Biography
Powers, AnnTravelingJune 2024Biography
Prose, Francine1974June 2024Memoir
Rucker, DariusLife's Too ShortJune 2024Memoir
Telfer, CeCeMake It CountJune 2024Memoir
QuestloveHip-Hop is HistoryJune 2024History
Favreau, JonDemocracy or ElseJune 2024Political Science
Newitz, AnnaleeStories are WeaponsJune 2024Political Science
Bergstein, RachelleThe Genius of JudyJuly 2024Biography
Graham, JasminSharks Don't SinkJuly 2024Biography
Patterson, James and Peter de JongeTiger, TigerJuly 2024Biography
Cooper, PaulFall of CivilizationsJuly 2024History
Harvey, JenniferAntiracism as Daily PracticeJuly 2024Social Science
Olson, ParmySupremacyJuly 2024Technology
Gerard, SarahCarrie Carolyn CocoJuly 2024True Crime
Mager, KimA Hunger to KillJuly 2024True Crime