Nonfiction Alert

Here are some highly-anticipated titles coming soon!

AuthorTitlePub. DateSubject
Packer, GeorgeLast Best HopeJune 2021Social Science
Perry, ImaniSouth to AmericaJune 2021History
Foxx, JamieAct Like You Got Some SenseMay 2021Memoir/Entertainment
Junger, SebastianFreedomMay 2021Social Science
Salaam, YusefBetter, Not BitterMay 2021Memoir
Yovanovitch, MarieLessons from the EdgeMay 2021Memoir
Foxx, JamieAct Like You Got Some SenseMay 2021Memoir
Bernstein, CarlChasing HistoryMay 2021Memoir
van de Perre, SelmaMy Name Is SelmaMay 2021Memoir
Goldberg, EmmaLife on the LineMay 2021Medicine
BrammerHola PapiJune 2021Memoir
Bratton, BillThe ProfessionJune 2021Memoir
Burns, UrsulaWhere You Are Is Not Who You AreJune 2021Memoir
Diamond, CherylNowhere GirlJune 2021Memoir
Henderson, DanielleThe Ugly CryJune 2021Memoir
Melvin, CraigMy Dad, Our Journey, and What I've Learned about FatherhoodJune 2021Memoir
Myers-Powell, BrendaLeaving Breezy StreetJune 2021Memoir
Oluseyi, HakeemA Quantum LifeJune 2021Memoir
Tran, LyHouse of SticksJune 2021Memoir
Williams, Paula StoneAs a WomanJune 2021Memoir
Abrams, DanKennedy's AvengerJune 2021History
Brown, Daniel JamesFacing the MountainJune 2021History
Canellos, Peter S.The Great DissenterJune 2021Biography
Ferrer, AdaCuba: An American HistoryJune 2021History
Hastings, MaxOperation PedestalJune 2021History
Sebba, AnneEthel Rosenberg: An American TragedyJune 2021Biography
Sedgwick, JohnFrom the River to the SeaJune 2021History
Talbot, MargaretBy the Light of Burning DreamsJune 2021History
Honig, ElieHatchet ManJuly 2021Politics
Trump, MaryThe ReckoningJuly 2021Politics
Wen, LeanaPublic Health Saved Your Life TodayJuly 2021Health
Kahl, Colin & Thomas WrightAftershocks: Pandemic Politics and the End of the Old International OrderAugust 2021Political Science
Nafisi, AzarRead DangerouslyAugust 2021Literary Criticism
Tubbs, MicahelThe Deeper the RootsAugust 2021Memoir
Bergen, Peter L.The Rise and Fall of Osama bin LadenAugust 2021History
English, CharlieThe Gallery of Miracles and MadnessAugust 2021History
Evans, SianMaiden VoyagesAugust 2021History
Ronald, SusanThe Ambassador: Joseph P. Kennedy at the Court of St. JamesAugust 2021History
Chow, KatSeeing Ghosts: A MemoirAugust 2021Memoir
Henderson, EleanorEverything I Have Is YoursAugust 2021Memoir
King, Billie JeanAll In: An AutobiographyAugust 2021Memoir
Strong, CecilyThis Will All Be Over SoonAugust 2021Memoir
McDermott, AliceWhat About the Baby? August 2021Language Arts/Writing
Ely, WesEvery Deep-Drawn BreathSeptember 2021Medical
Goulson, DaveSilent EarthSeptember 2021Science
Roach, MaryFuzzSeptember 2021Science
Anthony, CarmeloWhere Tomorrows Aren't PromisedSeptember 2021Biography/Sports
Bowler, KateNo Cure for Being HumanSeptember 2021Biography
Leng'ete, NiceThe Girls in the Wild Fig TreeSeptember 2021Biography
Paul, ChrisSixty-OneSeptember 2021Biography/Sports
Adlington, LucyThe Dressmakers of AuschwitzSeptember 2021History
Philbrick, NathanielTravels with GeorgeSeptember 2021History
Argetsinger, AmyThere She WasSeptember 2021History
Cooper, AndersonThe VanderbiltsSeptember 2021History
Rubenstein, DavidThe American ExperimentSeptember 2021History
Whitlock, CraigThe Afghanistan PapersSeptember 2021History
Hayhoe, KatherineSaving UsSeptember 2021Science
Johnston, DavidThe Big CheatSeptember 2021Political Science
Nordell, JessicaEnd of BiasSeptember 2021Race & Discrimination
Osnos, EvanWildlandSeptember 2021Political Science
Rubin, JenniferResistanceSeptember 2021Political Science
Foster, CraigUnderwater WildOctober 2021Marine Life
Habib, RodneyThe Forever DogOctober 2021Pets
Helberg, JacobThe Wires of WarOctober 2021Computers
Orlean, SusanOn AnimalsOctober 2021Nature
Cordell, LaDoris HazzardHer HonorOctober 2021Memoir
Cobb, JelaniThe Matter of Black LivesSeptember 2021Social Science
Hill, FionaThere is Nothing for You HereSeptember 2021Social Science
Streep, AbeBrothers on ThreeSeptember 2021Social Science
Cullors, PatrisseAn Abolitionist's HandbookOctober 2021Political Science/Civil Rights
Oppenheimer, MarkSquirrel HillOctober 2021Religion
Ross, AndrewSunbelt BluesOctober 2021Social Science
Cuomo, ChrisDeep DenialOctober 2021Political Science
Gupta, SanjayWorld War COctober 2021Health & Fitness
Dolnick, EdwardThe Writing of the GodsOctober 2021History
McCalman, GeorgeIllustrated Black HistoryOctober 2021History
Pearl, MatthewThe Taking of Jemima BooneOctober 2021History
Veidlinger, JefferyIn the Midst of Civilized EuropeOctober 2021History
Couric, KatieGoing ThereOctober 2021Memoir
Love, BobbyThe Redemption of Bobby LoveOctober 2021Memoir
Ruhl, SarahSmileOctober 2021Memoir
Sedaris, DavidA Carnival of SnackeryOctober 2021Memoir