Nonfiction Alert

Here are some highly-anticipated titles coming soon!

AuthorTitlePub. DateSubject
Taylor, NicoleWatermelon and Red BirdsMay 2022Cooking
Dyer, GeoffThe Last Days of Roger FedererMay 2022Essays
McKibben, BillThe Flag, the Cross, and the Station WagonMay 2022Memoir
Patterson, JamesJames PattersonJune 2022Memoir
Abrams, DanAlabama v. KingJune 2022History
Bissinger, BuzzThe Mosquito BowlJune 2022History
Blum, HowardThe Spy Who Knew Too MuchJune 2022History
Gardner, Mark LeeThe Earth Is All That LastsJune 2022History
Kimmerle, ErinWe Carry Their BonesJune 2022History
Parlett, JackFire IslandJune 2022History
Brusatte, SteveThe Rise and Reign of the MammalsJune 2022Life Sciences
Elkins-Tanton, LindaA Portrait of the Scientist as a Young WomanJune 2022Memoir/Science
Padilla, AntonioFantastic Numbers and Where to Find ThemJuly 2022Physics
Robinson, Kim StanleyThe High SierraMay 2022Nature
Harvey, HalThe Big FixSeptember 2022Climate Change
Proulx, AnnieFen, Bog and SwampJune 2022Nature/Conservation
Stodola, SarahThe Last ResortJune 2022Business/Tourism
Bond, MelissaBlood Orange NightJune 2022Memoir
Morgan, AbiThis Is Not a Pity MemoirJune 2022Memoir
Segura, TomI'd Like to Play Alone, PleaseJune 2022Memoir
Tur, KatyRough DraftJune 2022Memoir
Browder, BillFreezing OrderJune 2022Memoir/Political
Kendi, Ibram X.How to Raise an AntiracistJune 2022Parenting
Pfeiffer, DanBattling the Big LieJune 2022Political Science
Venkatesh, SudhirThe Tomorrow GameJune 2022Social Science/Criminology
Macy, BethRaising LazarusAugust 2022Pharmaceuticals
Thasher, StevenThe Viral UnderclassAugust 2022Social Science/Disease
Quart, AlissaBootstrappedAugust 2022Social Science
King, DeanGuardians of the ValleyAugust 2022Nature/Conservation
Vince, GaiaNomad CenturyAugust 2022Science
Forte, TiagoBuilding a Second BrainAugust 2022Self-Help
O'Brady, ColinThe 12-Hour WalkAugust 2022Self-Help
Buck, RickerLife on the MississippiAugust 2022History
English, T.J.Dangerous RhythmsAugust 2022History
Marianiss, DavidPath Lit by LightningAugust 2022Biography/Sports
Patterson, JamesDiana, William, and HarryAugust 2022Biography
Young, LaurenHitler's GirlAugust 2022History
Lewis, JeniferWalking in my JoyAugust 2022Memoir
McCurdy, JeannetteI'm Glad Mom DiedAugust 2022Memoir
Leahy, PatrickThe Road TakenAugust 2022Memoir/Politics
Allen, KendraFruit PunchJuly 2022Memoir
Gay, HeatherBad MormonJuly 2022Memoir
Ice-TSplit DecisionJuly 2022Memoir
Nance, MalcolmThey Want to Kill AmericansJuly 2022Political Science
Hager, AndrewAll-American DogsJuly 2022Pets
Rauch, AriannaDeclassifiedOctober 2022Music
Heughan, SamWaypointsOctober 2022Memoir
Newman, PaulThe Extraordinary Life of an Ordinary ManOctober 2022Memoir
Rickman, AlanMadly, DeeplyOctober 2022Memoir
Mukherjee, SiddharthaThe Song of the CellOctober 2022Medicine/Biology
Tyson, Neil deGrasseStarry MessengerSeptember 2022Science
Figes, OrlandoThe Story of RussiaOctober 2022History
Grandin, TempleVisual ThinkingOctober 2022Neuroscience
Ricks, ThomasWaging a Good WarOctober 2022History
Freedland, JonathanEscape ArtistOctober 2022History
Hastings, MaxThe AbyssOctober 2022History
Sullivan, MargaretNewsroom ConfidentialOctober 2022Memoir
Hill, JemeleUphillOctober 2022Memoir
Manning, ChelseaUntitledOctober 2022Memoir
Gray, JohnGhetto Gastro Black Power KitchenOctober 2022Cooking
Hunter-Gault, CharlayneMy PeopleOctober 2022Journalism
Haberman, MaggieConfidence ManOctober 2022Politics
Quammen, DavidBreathlessOctober 2022Biology
Whipple, ChrisThe Fight of His LifeOctober 2022Politics
Dudley, Renee and Daniel GoldenThe Ransomware Hunting TeamOctober 2022Cybercrime
Fanone, MichaelHold the LineOctober 2022Memoir