Nonfiction Alert

Here are some highly-anticipated titles coming soon!

AuthorTitlePub. DateSubject
Foster, CraigUnderwater WildOctober 2021Marine Life
Habib, RodneyThe Forever DogOctober 2021Pets
Helberg, JacobThe Wires of WarOctober 2021Computers
Orlean, SusanOn AnimalsOctober 2021Nature
Cordell, LaDoris HazzardHer HonorOctober 2021Memoir
Cullors, PatrisseAn Abolitionist's HandbookOctober 2021Political Science/Civil Rights
Oppenheimer, MarkSquirrel HillOctober 2021Religion
Ross, AndrewSunbelt BluesOctober 2021Social Science
Cuomo, ChrisDeep DenialJanuary 2022Political Science
Gupta, SanjayWorld War COctober 2021Health & Fitness
Dolnick, EdwardThe Writing of the GodsOctober 2021History
McCalman, GeorgeIllustrated Black HistoryOctober 2021History
Pearl, MatthewThe Taking of Jemima BooneOctober 2021History
Veidlinger, JefferyIn the Midst of Civilized EuropeOctober 2021History
Couric, KatieGoing ThereOctober 2021Memoir
Love, BobbyThe Redemption of Bobby LoveOctober 2021Memoir
Ruhl, SarahSmileOctober 2021Memoir
Sedaris, DavidA Carnival of SnackeryOctober 2021Memoir
Auster, PaulBurning BoyOctober 2021Biography
Baumgartner, BrianWelcome to Dunder MifflinOctober 2021Television
Copperfield, DavidDavid Copperfield's History of MagicOctober 2021Entertainment
Seal, MarkLeave the Gun, Take the CannoliOctober 2021Film
Tucci, StanleyTaste: My Life Through FoodOctober 2021Memoir
Marshall, TimThe Power of GeographyNovember 2021Political Science/Geopolitics
Clavin, TomLightning DownNovember 2021Biography
Hannah-Jones, NikoleThe 1619 ProjectNovember 2021History
Playdon, ZoeThe Hidden Case of Ewan ForbesNovember 2021History
Graff, Garrett M.Watergate: A New HistoryNovember 2021History
Borman, TracyCrown & Sceptre: A New History of the British MonarchyDecember 2021History
Barrymore, DrewRebel HomemakerNovember 2021Healthy Living
Bourla, AlbertMoonshotNovember 2021Business/Pharmceuticals
Headlee, CelesteSpeaking of RaceNovember 2021Self-Help/Communication
Patchett, AnnThese Precious DaysNovember 2021Literary Essays
Marks, AnnVivian Maier DevelopedNovember 2021Biography
Naifeh, StevenVan Gogh and the Artists He LovedNovember 2021Art History
Andersen, ChristopherThe BrothersNovember 2021Biography/Royalty
Dyson, Michael EricEntertaining RaceNovember 2021Cultural Criticism
Jones, KimberlyHow We Can WinNovember 2021Black Studies
Klaas, BrianCorruptibleNovember 2021Psychology
Mukwege, DenisThe Power of WomenNovember 2021Health Policy
Penn, KalYou Can't Be SeriousNovember 2021Film/TV
Roberts, Steven V.Cokie: A Life Well LivedNovember 2021Memoir
Gless, SharonApparently There Were Complaints: A MemoirDecember 2021TV
Ali, WajahatGo Back Where You Came FromJanuary 2022Memoir
Hurston, Zora NealeYou Don't Know Us Negroes and Other EssaysJanuary 2022Literary Collections
Attenberg, JamiI Came All This Way Just to Meet YouJanuary 2022Memoir
Bertinelli, ValerieEnough AlreadyJanuary 2022Memoir
Saladino, DanEating to ExtinctionJanuary 2022Agriculture
Hurd, WilliamAmerican RebootFebruary 2022Political Science
Rawlence, BenThe TreelineFebruary 2022Nature
Avlon, JohnLincoln and the Fight for PeaceFebruary 2022History
Fischer, David HackettAfrican FoundersFebruary 2022History
Vasquez-Lavado, SilviaIn the Shadow of the MountainFebruary 2022Memoir
Arce. JulissaYou Sound Like a White GirlMarch 2022Social Science
Chollet, MonaIn Defense of WitchesMarch 2022Social Science
Code, MerlBlack MarketMarch 2022Memoir/Sports
Grundy, Steven R.Unlocking the Keto CodeMarch 2022Nutrition
Galloway, StephenMadly: Vivien Leigh, Laurence Olivier and the Romance of the CenturyMarch 2022Biography/Performing Arts
Nafisi, AzarRead DangerouslyMarch 2022Literature
Schur, MichaelHow to be PerfectMarch 2022Humor
Spector, RonnieBe My Baby: A MemoirMarch 2022Memoir/Music
Prado, RicBlack OpsMarch 2022Memoir
Saujani, ReshmaPay UpMarch 2022Social Science
Berens, CharlieThe Midwest Survival GuideNovember 2021Humor