Recent Service Interruptions

In recent weeks, the Warren-Newport Public Library has received multiple bomb threats delivered via email and other electronic methods of communication. In each instance, library staff have worked closely with the Gurnee Police Department to evaluate the threat and determine the building to be clear and safe before resuming library operations.

Regrettably, we are not the only library in the Chicago area to have received these types of threats and we expect they may persist. If they do, we will continue to work in close coordination with the Gurnee Police Department to analyze and assess each threat and respond in a way that prioritizes the safety of our customers and staff, and when possible, minimizes disruption of the important services we proudly provide the residents of Gurnee.

While this has been a challenging time, we are grateful for our amazing staff who have responded to these threats with the utmost professionalism and continue to serve our patrons under these stressful circumstances. We are grateful for our supportive Library Board, who are dedicated to doing everything in their power to support our staff. We are grateful to our partners at the Gurnee Police Department for the amazing response and support they have provided us with during this time. And finally, we are grateful to you: our incredible community, for the support you show us on a regular basis through your comments, emails, and regular patronage. We take great pride in serving you, and we hope to continue doing so without further disruption.

Thank you for your understanding and flexibility as we respond to these unfortunate occurrences.