Shark Week is here!

Shark week is here!  Bite into fin-tastic facts about these fascinating creatures of the sea with these shark-some finds.

Ocean scene with several different species of sharksSharks: What do Great Whites, Hammerheads, and Whale Sharks get up to All Day? by Carlee Jackson
Set over a 24-hour period, meet deadly tiger sharks, baby lemon sharks, and gigantic basking sharks in this kids’ nonfiction book about the coolest predators in the ocean.


Yellow cartoon shark with other sea creaturesBaby Shark’s Big Show!
Join Baby Shark and his best bud William on hilarious journeys through Carnivore Cove!


4 different sharks against purple backgroundCan’t Get Enough Shark Stuff by Kelly Hargrave
This book covers the subject of sharks, featuring information about the latest info on prehistoric sharks, studying sharks in the wild, and surprising discoveries about shark behavior.


Vicious shark jumping from water and baring teethI Survived the Shark Attacks of 1916 by Lauren Tarshis
In the summer of 1916, ten year-old Chet Roscow is captivated by the local news: a great white shark has been attacking and killing people up and down the Atlantic Coast, not far from Chet’s hometown of Elm Hills, New Jersey. Then one day, swimming with his friends, Chet sees something in the water…


Young black girl sitting on a surfboard with a shark swimming below If Sharks Disappeared by Lily Williams
The importance of keeping sharks, and our oceans, healthy is explored in this clever telling about what would happen to animals across the entire planet if sharks disappeared.


Cartoon shark smiling widely and wavingI’m a Shark! by Bob Shea
A boastful shark is not afraid of anything, which impresses his underwater friends until they ask about spiders.


Young white children on wooden raft with shark trying to catch themMagic Tree House: Shadow of the Shark by Mary Pope Osbourne
As a thank-you from Merlin and Morgan, Jack and Annie are sent on what should be a vacation at a luxurious resort in Cozumel, Mexico, but is, by mistake, an adventure with ancient Mayans, instead.


Woman wearing scuba gear and touching the nose of a great white sharkShark Lady: The True Story of how Eugenie Clark Became the Ocean’s Most Fearless Scientist by Jess Keating
At 9 years old, Eugenie Clark developed an unexpected passion for sharks after a visit to the Battery Park Aquarium in New York City. From her many discoveries to the shark-related myths she dispelled, Eugenie’s wide scientific contributions led to the well-earned nickname “Shark Lady.”


Underside of a shark baring its teethThe Shark Book by Steve Jenkins
In this magnificently illustrated picture book, celebrate one of the worlds oldest species that has continued to capture our imaginations and astonish us for thousands of years.


Photo of several sharks swimmingWeird but True! Sharks
Sink your chompers into these weird–but true!–facts about sharks! From bizarre creatures in the ocean today to gigantic prehistoric sharks and even some pop culture shark weirdness, this portable, browsable, supercool book is full of incredible facts, amazing photos, and fun illustrations about everything sharks.