Thankful for Your Help

Pet Supply Tree, donations, lobby, community, Staff Association

Thanks to everyone who supported WNPL’s Staff Association Pet Supply Tree during the past holiday season. Animals at Orphans of the Storm and our House of Hope K9 Rescue benefited from your donations of the following:

  • 209 Cans of Soft Food   (122 Cat/87 Dog)
  • 327 Pounds of Hard Food   (141 Cat/187 Dog)
  • 42 Packages of Treats or Chew Bones   (12 Cat/30 Dog)
  • 177 Toys and Collars   (34 Cat/143 Dog)
  • 26 Beds and Blankets   (10 Cat/16 Dog)
  • 81 Litter, Pads, and Wipes   (5 Cat/76 Dog)
  • 6 Flea and Tick Treatments   (0 Cat/6 Dog)
  • 1 Calming Kit   (0 Cat/1 Dog)

Thanks again for your generosity on behalf of our animal friends!