The Desert and the Sea: 977 Days Captive on the Somali Pirate Coast by Michael Scott Moore

Journalist Michael Scott Moore spent almost three years as a hostage held by Somali pirates. This book is his account of the uncertain, desperate, and at times violent days spent hiding out in dilapidated houses and on board a hijacked tuna fishing boat with an international crew of captives. Moore spends his time thinking about his rescue, escape and/or suicide, pondering spiritual issues, and remembering his fraught relationship with his deceased father. The impoverished pirates, who want 20 million dollars in ransom for their prized American hostage, are repeatedly disappointed when this kind of funding does not come through. Eventually, largely through the efforts of his indomitable German mother, he is freed.

This book is impressively written and captures the tedium and confusion of life as a hostage very well.  I recommend this book to those who like true stories of survival in difficult circumstances. Find this item in our catalog here.  (Reviewed by Amy B.)