The National Book Award Winners of 2023 Are Here!

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The National Book Award 2023 winners are here! Take a look at the finalists and winners for fiction and non-fiction. Check out the following titles at WNPL or CCS library with your card.



Blackouts book cover. Black background with gold hyena peaking out.
Blackouts by Justin Torres

Winner: Blackouts by Justin Torres

Out in the desert in a place called the Palace, a young man tends to a dying soul, someone he once knew briefly but who has haunted the edges of his life: Juan Gay. Playful raconteur, child lost and found and lost, guardian of the institutionalized, Juan has a project to pass along, one built around a true artifact of a book―Sex Variants: A Study of Homosexual Patterns―and its devastating history. This book contains accounts collected in the early twentieth century from queer subjects by a queer researcher, Jan Gay, whose groundbreaking work was then co-opted by a committee, her name buried. The voices of these subjects have been filtered, muted, but it is possible to hear them from within and beyond the text, which, in Juan’s tattered volumes, has been redacted with black marker on nearly every page. As Juan waits for his end, he and the narrator recount for each other moments of joy and oblivion; they resurrect loves, lives, mothers, fathers, minor heroes. In telling their own stories and the story of the book, they resist the ravages of memory and time. The past is with us, beside us, ahead of us; what are we to create from its gaps and erasures? 




Fiction Finalists:

Temple Folk book cover teal blue with moon and star in center
Temple Folk by Aaliyah Bilal
Chain-Gang All- Stars book cover. Yellow background with scythe striking
Chain-Gang All- Stars by Nana Kwame Adjei-Brenyah
This other eden cover with wave photos in center
This Other Eden by Paul Harding
The End of Drum-Time cover. Lilac winter landscape background
The End Drum-Time by Hanna Pylväinen



The Rediscovery of America cover. white background with flag pole of American Bald eagle feathers.
The Rediscovery of America by Ned Blackhawk

Winner: The Rediscovery of America: Native Peoples and the Unmaking of U.S. History by Ned Blackhawk

The most enduring feature of U.S. history is the presence of Native Americans, yet most histories focus on Europeans and their descendants. This long practice of ignoring Indigenous history is changing, however, with a new generation of scholars insists that any full American history address the struggle, survival, and resurgence of American Indian nations. Indigenous history is essential to understanding the evolution of modern America.


Non-Fiction Finalists:

Ordinary Notes book cover purple fade into pink background
Ordinary Notes by Christina Sharpe
Liliana's Invincible Summer book cover. Girl diving in water with orange swim cap
Liliana’s Invincible Summer by Cristina Rivera Garza
We Could've Been Friends, My Father and I book cover with photo of man in cave view
We Could’ve Been Friends, My Father and I by Raja Shehadeh
Fire Weather Book Cover with red clouds and white font.
Fire Weather by John Vaillant