The Vault Guidelines

The purpose of The Vault, our library’s teen space, is to provide a dedicated space for young people in grades 6-12. The Vault is designed for a multitude of activities such as studying, reading, socializing and gaming. It is not considered a quiet space. Other library patrons are permitted to use the space when they require collections or services only available in the room but are not allowed to use The Vault for general reading, studying or hanging out.

The Vault contains the Young Adult (YA) and High School (HS) collections that are intended for grades 6-12. Library staff is available to help young people choose materials but will not restrict their selections.  Parents are ultimately responsible for deciding which items are appropriate for their children.

Young people are expected to adhere to the following library policies at all times: Standards of Public Conduct and Computer and Internet Use by the Public.

Things to remember:

Respect Yourself: Inappropriate or foul language will not be tolerated.

Respect Each Other: Everyone should feel comfortable and safe in The Vault. Rough housing, public displays of affection and excessive noise will not be permitted.

Respect the Space: This is your space. Treat it that way. Computers, furniture and other equipment should be used properly at all times. Vandalism or damage to library property or to library grounds is a legal matter, and the police will be notified.