WiFi (Wireless) Technology

WNPL provides free wireless access (WiFi) to anyone with a WiFi enabled computer. Most users can simply bring their laptop or other wireless device to the library and turn it on. The computer will automatically recognize the wireless network.

To Get Started:

  • Click on the wireless icon on your computer or other device and select wnplhotspot. Although you may see other wireless networks that are functioning nearby, wnplhotspot is the link to access the library’s wireless network.
  • After you have clicked the wnplhotspot link, you will see a terms of service agreement. Click on Accept to continue. If your browser does not automatically open once you have accepted the service agreement, you can manually open the browser and refresh it.
  • You may also see a small “session information” window, showing that you are logged on to the wireless network–you can either close or minimize this window.

Wireless Printing:

WNPL offers three different ways to print wirelessly:

  • From WNPL’s printing website, upload the file you need to print and send it to either our black and white or color printers.
    • In the box labeled, “Enter guest name or library card number,” give your print job a name. You will enter this name at the printing station to retrieve your documents from our printing system
  • Send your printing via email:
    • To print an email message or attachment, simply forward  your email to:
      • BW Printer: bw@wnpl.info
      • Color Printer: color@wnpl.info
      • Use the beginning of your email address (before the @) to retrieve your documents from our printing system
  • The Public Print Locations by ePRINTit app available for Apple and Android devices:
    • Choose to print documents, images/photos or web pages via the app.
    • Find other local WiFi printing sites.

Is my information safe while using WiFi?

Your information is not protected while using WiFi, unless you are connected to a web pages that employs encryption (stores, banks, etc.). Please keep this in mind if you are accessing sensitive business or personal information.