Improve Library Spaces

Annual Fund 2022

Usage of library study rooms has increased steadily this year to pre-pandemic levels, as the needs of our community have also increased. Patrons of all ages need dedicated spaces for study, as well as spaces for group projects, video conferencing, interviews, online classes, and content creation. Study room upgrades, such as smart TV monitors and soundproofing material, are necessary to provide productive and enriching environments. As our communities continue to return to WNPL, we need to provide enhanced spaces to accomplish goals and increase opportunities.

Will you please consider making a gift to the Warren-Newport Public Library this year for the purpose of enhancing the library’s study rooms? Your gift will empower your neighbors to improve their lives– students improving grades in school, teens, and adults finding jobs or creating new businesses, and seniors pursuing lifelong learning. WNPL’s goal is to raise $10,000 to help upgrade the current spaces.

As a valued supporter and patron of Warren-Newport Public Library, your donation will be extremely beneficial in helping your community and your library. Please consider making a gift today if you are able. There are multiple ways to help:

(A copy of the Annual Fund response card is also available here.)

Your past support has enabled us to better serve the community in so many ways, including The Point and The Flex spaces, both of which are busier than ever. Making your gift today helps the library achieve the goal of improved spaces for the community.

Thank you for your generosity.