Great Series on Hoopla

Tristan Strong Book Cover

Looking for something new to read? These great series are available on Hoopla with your WNPL card.

Dragonwatch by Brandon Mull

Because Dragonwatch, an ancient group of wizards, enchantresses, and dragon slayers, is crumbling, an uprising of dragons threatens to destroy the magical preserves as well as overrun the non magical world.


Tristan Strong series by Kwame Mbalia

Haunted by the bus accident that ended his best friend’s life, seventh grader Tristan Strong dreads a visit to his grandparents Alabama farm before a bizarre living doll snatches away his friend’s notebook and draws him into a world of burning seas, iron monsters and exhausted black folk heroes.


Wayside School series by Louis Sachar

Yum! Miss Mush is dishing out her famous Mushroom Surprise in the Wayside School cafeteria. Ron says it tastes like hot dogs and grape jelly. Clean your plate and you’ll turn green in time for class picture day. Wear your craziest outfit and you’ll fit right in between Maurecia in her striped bikini and Clavin, who’s wearing his birthday tattoo. Say cheese!


Masterminds series by Gordon Korman

A group of kids discovers they were cloned from the DNA of some of the greatest criminal masterminds in history for a sociological experiment.