Happy Passover

Happy Passover! Check out these children’s book on Hoopla with your WNPL card.

Around the Passover Table by Tracy Newman

The candles are lit, the Seder plate filled, and the matzo stacked high. Join in to read, sing, eat, and observe the holiday. The many steps of a Passover Seder are portrayed in this rhyming story.

Stone Soup with Matzoh Balls by Linda Glaser

An old man walks into the town of Chelm asking for food. The townspeople claim they have nothing to share, but the man explains that he can make enough food for everyone with just a stone. The townspeople are intrigued and watch the man as he creates a pot of delicious matzoh ball soup. As he begins to cook, he asks for one ingredient and then another, which the townspeople provide. In the end, they have unknowingly contributed to making a Seder feast for all to share!

A Sweet Passover by Leslea Newman

In this humorous story, Miriam discovers-with the help of her family and a little matzah bread-the true meaning and importance of Passover. Miriam loves spending time with her family during Passover, and all week long she is happy to eat lots of matzah. But when she wakes up on the last day of the holiday, she is sick of matzah and refuses to eat it ever again. Then Grandpa makes his special matzah brei for the whole family, and Miriam learns there’s more to Passover than just the matzah….

Matzah Meals: a Passover Cookbook for Kids by Barbara Steinberg

This simple cookbook includes lots of great recipes for the young Passover cook. You’ll also find instructions for preparing the seder and craft ideas for decorating the seder table.